Our Massage Service

Thai Massage Therapy


THAI OIL MASSAGE is a traditional Thai Massage with the addition of oil. The therapist will do deep pressure, acupressure, stretches, relax your muscles and restores the balance in the body.

CHINESE MASSAGE has been traditionally taken as the most effective treatment to relax tension in the body.It combines acupoints where energy accumulates , with deep tissue massage focusing on the deep layers of muscle tissues. It simulates and activates body's own powers to flight illness and restore harmony.

Foot Massage has been used for thousands of years all over the world, and is a widely practiced treatment in Thailand in particular. There are scientific facts that prove specific benefits of foot massage. In particular, foot massage increases blood circulation in the feet and body. Areas of increased blood flow from massaging will be rejuvenated and cleansed. At the same time, massaging soothes aches and pains and increases flexibility